Wedding Ceremony Plan (Kotobuki Zakimi & Beach Course) our most popular course!

Price: ¥54,000 (2 people, includes tax)

*An additional ¥10,800 will be charged for courses scheduled on Friday or Saturday


Two photo shoot locations

In this popular course, couples wear traditional Ryukyuan wedding costumes and have their photos taken at the Zakimi Castle Ruins and nearby beach.


Bride’s costume:

White bingata patterned kimono with a five-color collar, an elegant obi (sash), hanagasa (hat decorated with flowers) and point makeup.


Groom’s costume:

Embroidered kimono, kurochou (a thin black outer garment) and a gorgeous ubi (sash)


Bride’s costume all items:

Bingata patterned kimono (available in various colors)

Tsuya patterned kimono (choice of blue, green, purple, pink and gold).

Colorful collar

Choice of parasol or nuchibana (flowers)

Hanagasa (hat decorated with flowers)

Japanese sandals

*Karaji yui (traditional Okinawan hairstyle for women) and point makeup

Groom’s costume all items:

Embroidered kimono

Ubi (sash)

Kurochou (a thin black outer garment)

Hachimachi (traditional hat worn with Okinawan kimonos)

Tabi (Japanese socks)

Folding fan


*All costume rentals come with photo shoot. Customers may choose up to 15 photos from the shoot to be emailed to them afterward.


*Option (all photos): All photos taken during the shoot (40 plus photos) will be delivered by email for an additional fee of ¥21,000 (includes tax)


*Option (Western hairstyle):  For an additional fee of ¥3,240 (includes tax)

*An additional ¥1,080 per person will be charged for courses scheduled on Friday or Saturday

*Option (full makeup) for an additional fee of ¥5,400 (includes tax)